Operetta Season is over !

Mrs Sarah Lowe —

Wow! I can’t believe that our Operetta Season is over for another two years. What a wonderful experience for me to have the pleasure of producing Madagascar Jr with your children, and my sincere thanks to every child and every parent who supported CGS on this journey.

I have many memories to take away from the last seven weeks, and I am hopeful the students will carry these memories with them also. 

From our Hippo’s hips to our Zebra’s dance moves, our Giraffe’s perfectly suited humour, and our delightfully charismatic Lion, I feel we were blessed with a wonderful cast and that no one will walk away thinking that King Julien on the telly comes close to what CGS offered.  I also loved the way Mort and Maurice complimented our Lemurs so perfectly too.

Some special things to take away from this experience include:

  • Seeing all of our children on stage together, confident in expressing themselves artistically
  •  Watching the children manage themselves before the show, backstage and after the show - make-up work, coordinating outfit changes, helping friends who needed a little more support, and working together to get swift scene changes
  • Seeing the amazing talents of our staff come to the fore. An example of this was with Mrs Botting’s choreography for the children (and her drilling, which is equal to that of a sergeant major!!). When reading through the children’s reflections, it is clear that our students absolutely loved the experience of learning to dance
  • Learning together! This was a project for all of us. Every student was valued for the part they played in pulling our show together, and I am certain the same can be said for Circus Circus too.

Our students continue to raise the bar with the artistic standard we can reach at a primary school. It is very easy to forget they are so young because of this talent-pool we are immersed in! Cathedral Grammar is also blessed with staff who have degrees in Stagecraft, Music and Fine Arts. I have no doubt that this helped us to accomplish a great standard artistically over the past seven weeks.

Thank you to the parents to helped us on our Madagascar Journey. There are many of you who have contributed to our special Operetta term. I am grateful, and the children are as well.

Finally,  three administration notes as we finish up for the Operetta season:

  • Please could everyone check their child’s school sports-jacket in case they have picked up one which is not their own. Should you find this to be the case, please drop it into the school office and we will pass it on to the correct owner
  • Onesie's for Madagascar Jr can be purchased for $10 and collected from Mrs Hubers.  This can be paid for by cash or charged to your school account (provided we have a signed note to confirm this). 
  • We had a professional photographer in for our final dress rehearsal. I will be in touch with details to purchase these, when they become available

Recorder Ensemble and Voice for Life will begin in Week One of next term.  All those working on Voice for Life should aim to be finishing their books and sitting their medal tests by Week Five.  I will be working with students towards achieving this goal, and will send further communication as it is required.