Curriculum Review

Ms Nicola Church —

Cathedral Grammar has started on a very exciting journey of reviewing its curriculum. We are looking at how our curriculum can best address the needs, interests and circumstances of our pupils and our community.

Schools all over New Zealand review their curriculums on a regular review cycle. As Cathedral Grammar has not done a review for some time we have taken the opportunity to reflect on all parts of our curriculum. Through the process of curriculum design and review, we will be able to determine priorities for pupils' learning, how to address these, and how to assess the pupils’ progress and the quality of teaching and learning. In doing so, we can work towards meeting the vision for all our young people:  Every pupil, Every day – Preparing for Life.

To start our review, we selected eight staff to be on the Curriculum Review team. The Curriculum team members are:

  • Louis Bertie
  • Nicola Church
  • Mel Crase
  • Clare Erasmus
  • Jude Gray
  • Sandy Hubers
  • Brigit Ladley
  • Brigit McCormack

The aim of this group is to construct a document which outlines how teaching and learning will look at Cathedral Grammar as we strive to meet our ten-year aspirational goals. These staff were given an initial task to immerse themselves in a range of research and have robust conversations and debates around the different findings to help inform the review.

In August, we sent the team up to Auckland to visit a range of schools – state, private, co-ed, single sex, primary, intermediate and full primary. This was a great opportunity for our staff to see first-hand a range of schools and their curriculums in action and to talk to schools about their review processes. On return to school, the team has meet on a regular basis to bring the research, observations and Cathedral Grammar knowledge together to start drafting up the how and the why that will inform the foundations to the curriculum documents.

As part of our strategic plan 90-day goals, we will, by May 2018, ‘have a preferred future focused curriculum model, a common framework and teaching methodology in outline to support it’. From there we will be then turning our attention to each curriculum area and working through a review process that will ensure that we will create a curriculum document that enables us to inspire, nurture, grow and know every child that comes to Cathedral Grammar.

Throughout the process in 2018 we will keep our community up to date with our progress. We will hold parent information meetings and we will also be asking for feedback on the draft documents we produce.

While all this work is going on in the background, staff will continue to use our existing curriculum documents. Any changes that will be implemented in 2018 as a result of the new curriculum documents will be clearly communicated to our community.

I would like to thank the Curriculum Review team for all their time and efforts this year in working on this exciting development for our school.