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Photo by Libby Avery


Ms Libby Avery —

Caterpillar crazy!

Metamorphosis has been a big word used around the Pre-School recently.

Over the last few weeks, the Pre-School children have been learning all about metamorphosis and seeing the process in action. Several weeks' ago, Mrs Holmes brought in a swan plant with only a few caterpillars on it.  The children watched them munch away at the plant until all the leaves and their food source had gone.  Luckily those few caterpillars were ready to turn into cocoons.  For 14 days the children checked the cocoons, (one was even hanging from the roof), until they were ready to hatch as a monarch butterfly.  This was the happy part of our learning.

Eddie then bought in a swan plant from his home, but it had so many caterpillars on it that the food supply ran out very quickly.  The tamariki had a meeting and decided on a few options available as they knew without food they would simply die.  

The suggestions included:

1) Google what other food they can eat.

2) Give them some apple, as it is healthy.

3) Let them go outside to find food.

4) Send them home with someone who has more swan plants.

After much discussion, option number 4 was selected and Mika who was visiting us took them home.  We are looking forward to receiving updates when they turn into cocoons and then beautiful butterflies.

This week we have welcomed Sean, Henry and Mika to our Pre-School family.  We know that these boys will easily slot into the programme, and it will feel like they were always here in no time.

The teachers are starting to organize the inaugural Pre-School Wheel-a-thon which will be held early in Term II.  Many children and families have asked if we will be holding this event again.  Mannakitanga (respect) is always a very big focus at Pre-School and the bike event supports that the children gain an understanding around the need to work to replace or buy items.  More details will follow shortly - the photo below is from 2017 Wheel-a-thon event.

On Storypark this week, there is a Google form to complete regarding attendance during the April term break.  We would very much appreciate this completed for every child.

Have a great week and please watch the weather forecast to ensure children have enough warm clothes - just in case!