Hero photograph
Photo by Libby Avery

Pre-School gets ready for Sports Day

Miss Libby Avery —

Last week, the Pre School came out to support and watch the Prep school with their annual Tug of War where they compete for House Colour points.

At the end, it was our turn with Miss Libby and Mr Aaron's teams giving it a good old go. It was very even until the tamariki(children) on Mr Aaron's team, put their last big Tug of the rope to get it over the line. Miss Libby is convinced Mr Aaron didn't play fairly!!!!! A rematch must be on the cards as the tamariki had so much fun.

We have also been getting some practice for the up and coming Sports Day races.   We had so much fun practicing the potato (tennis ball for practice) and spoon race and our running races.  It was tremendously entertaining trying not to let the tennis ball fall off the spoon,  and when it did,  it had a mind of its own rolling and bouncing all over the show towards the finish line. 

Have a great week at school and please don't forget sun hats and screen each day.