From the Principal's Desk

Mr Scott Thelning —

Te wiki o te reo Maori.

Tena koutou ki te whanau o te Cathedral Grammar School.

Te wiki o te reo Māori takes place this year between 10 and 16 September. Kia Kaha te reo Māori is the theme for this year’s Maori Language Week. ‘Kia Kaha’ is a well known phrase in New Zealand, meaning ‘be strong’. People often talk about language health, strength, and revitalisation. So when we say ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ we’re saying - ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong.'

Te wiki o te reo Māori provides an opportunity to celebrate and learn te reo Māori, helping to secure its future as a living, dynamic and rich language. We value this as a part of our school and our unique identity as a country.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful students in the Junior and Prep Schools for two truly amazing performances in Circus Circus and Madagascar. We have received many positive comments about the high standard of performance, professionalism, sense of fun and general enjoyment across both evenings. I loved the whole school community dancing at the end! Thank you to all those who made it possible, especially our staff for ensuring it was a wonderful showcase of our school. It was a true team effort, collaborating together to create great memories for your children. Well done everyone.

It was lovely to come together as a school community on Sunday at the Cathedral. Congratulations to our Chaplain, Mrs Kundycki-Carrell, for the co-ordination of her first whole community service. We have received very positive comments about the service, including the singing of the students, the layout of the seating arrangements, the way our students spoke and the general tone and feeling across the service. We value your attendance at what is a central and fundamental part of who we are as a school.

We were very fortunate to have Bishop-elect, Peter-Carrell in attendance at this service. On behalf of The Cathedral Grammar School community, congratulations Peter on your appointment and welcome as our new Warden. We are looking forward to having you as a strongly connected part of our school, and thank you for the times you have already shown up at school events! We look forward to seeing you in and around our school as your busy schedule allows. Kia kaha.

At the end of next week,  we will sadly farewell Mrs Simone Whalley, Dean of the Junior School. Simone began here in this role at the start of 2015 and has created, fostered and nurtured her team into a very tight knit, collaborative and high functioning unit, providing great next steps after Pre-School and the strong foundations for Prep School and beyond. In addition to this, she has been a wonderful teacher to her Yr 1 students and a member of the Leadership Team. 

Thank you so very much Simone, for your many and varied contributions to The Cathedral Grammar School. We very much appreciate the value you have added, and wish you and your family all the very best for the future. 

As communicated via email, Mrs Fiona Lill has been appointed to this role for Term 4, with the decision regarding 2019 and beyond to be made next term. 

Enjoy the many successes and celebrations within this edition of Grammar Notes. So good!

Nga mihi nui

Scott Thelning