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Virtue of the Week - Gentleness
Photo by Denise Doherty

Creating Moral Citizens - Virtue of the Week is: Gentleness

Virtues —

What is Gentleness?
Gentleness is acting and speaking in a kind, considerate way. It is using self-control, in order not to hurt or offend anyone. You can be gentle with people and animals in the way you touch them and the way you speak to them. You handle things carefully so they will not break or be hurt. When you think gentle thoughts, it makes the world a safer, gentler place.

Congratulations! You are practicing Gentleness when you...

  • Make it safe for people and animals to be around you
  • Touch carefully
  • Speak with a soft voice
  • Express your feelings peacefully
  • Take time out when you don't feel gentle
  • Think gentle thoughts that make you smile inside