Hero photograph
Photo by Denise Doherty

Friends' Association

Mrs Nicky Oram —

Community BBQ

It was fantastic to see everyone relaxed in the sunshine and enjoying the festivities after Pet Day. So many happy children with a mix of BBQ sauce and Mr Whippy icecream smeared on their little faces.

The mood rings from the Girls' School market stall were certainly popular with the Junior School children.

Thank you again to the Spence family of Pak 'n Save Moorhouse Ave for donating all the sausages. They were delicious.

Thank you also to our amazing caretaker Mr Scarrott who always sets up for us with a big smile, 'can do' attitude and even cleaned the BBQ!

We really appreciate how the community pulls together to make these events happen to create memories for our children. 

Your committee,

Angela Reed, Chantal Taylor, Diana Wylie, Nicky Oram, Libby Avery, Kim Chan, Amanda Davis, Dagmar Kieberger, Stelios Michaelides, Bridget Parfitt, Natalie Sneddon, Victoria Wynn Thomas