Hero photograph
Photo by Simon Lean-Massey

Girls' & Boys' Prep School

Mr Simon Lean-Massey —

Term II continues, still packed with activity!

It has been a great fortnight for sport. Well done to all the cross-country runners who ran superbly on Tuesday 8 May, and a big thank you to Miss Dowgray and her team for a fun, well-organised event. Our zones cross-country representatives are returning as this article is being written. Congratulations to all of you.

Winter sports competitions began last Friday, and we had a beautiful autumn afternoon for our first games - all report a good first outing. With a number of sports conducting grading rounds, some competitions will take a few weeks to find their level. It was especially rewarding to see and hear about our students representing us well, and particularly that they were gracious in either defeat or victory. At the conclusion of one match, an opposing coach approached us (after our team had been hammering his) and remarked about what a lovely, friendly group of boys we had playing for us.

Our water polo team was  involved in a close fought match against Merrin on Friday night. It was tiring just watching the students treading water for an extended period. They were rewarded with a (from memory) 9-6 victory.  Great teamwork all round!

Below, you can see a range of photos, including pictures of the 7G educational visit to the Museum for the Lives Lost, Lives Changed Exhibition. This is recommended if families are seeking something to do in Christchurch.

In science, we have been finishing off our demonstrations of Newton's Laws of Motion. We have moved from smashing each other with sledgehammers to pushing cars and flicking balls. One Y8 student really excelled by designing and building a machine at home to deliver a uniform, reproducible force in order to graph velocity and acceleration!

During our combined Leaders' Assembly last week, Alex Hitchmough, from World Vision, came to talk to us about the 40 hour Famine. We have a number of students who attended a session to train as Famine Leaders, and there was strong interest from the students in what Alex had to say and in participating in this year's Famine.