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World Vision 40 Hour Famine Leadership Day 2018
Photo by CGS

2018 World Vision 40 Hour Famine Leadership Day

Mrs Amanda Botting —

Senior students Joseph, Angus, Beth and Eloise attended a one day workshop on global inequality and how leadership with purpose can make a difference.

The students participated in a simulation activity,  listened to keynote speakers and completed hands on activities and workshops. The framework of inequality was used to look at global issues, and how these issues effect people's lives. 

Armed with the facts about the suffering of children in Sudan, and utilising their knowledge about their own individual leadership styles and strengths, the students now have the opportunity to develop a plan to lead the 40 Hour Famine in our school community. The goal this year is to raise $3000 for the children of Sudan. We look forward to hearing how we can all participate in the fundraising efforts later this term.