Hero photograph
Celebrating our new resources
Photo by Libby Avery


Ms Libby Avery —


Celebrations are a very important part of our programme. Be it celebrating a child taking risks, or a child waving goodbye without any tears. The last few weeks have been full of celebrations of all types, including of course having a long weekend to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.

We recently celebrated the donation of our new fish Jess.  Zachary had been concerned for sometime that Lunchbox and Bubble, our Pre-School fish, were lonely so he kindly suggested to his dad that they should buy Lunchbox and Bubble a playmate.  The children helped to settle Jess into her new environment and as a group discussed the rules around ensuing all our fish remain happy and safe:

  • do not bang on the glass
  • only feed a small amount once a day
  • clean the fish tank once a term

Other celebrations this week were the arrival and unwrapping of more resources from funds raised through the Wheel-a-thon.  Our Pre-School children worked extremely hard and thanks to the generous support of their friends and whanau raised an impressive $1500.  Thank you to everyone who made the event so much fun.

We also celebrated our learning last week with a great show put on by the New Zealand Asthma foundation.  It helped us develop an understanding around what causes asthma and how to help our friends should they become unwell.  The Pre-School were joined by the Y7 boys who asked some very interesting questions - I never knew animals could get asthma!

Birthdays are always a time for celebration.   A few weeks ago we celebrated the school turning 137 years old.  In Week 3 the Pre-School had a cake to celebrate the Church's birthday and Pentecost.  We regularly celebrate children turning 4 and 5, but last week we had a surprise party for Mrs Watson, the Pre-School teacher aid.  It was a special birthday so that could not go unnoticed.

We are looking forward to celebrating Matariki (Maori New Year), over the next few weeks.  This celebration starts on Friday 15 June so watch this space and Storypark for more updates on how we will celebrate this important occasion.  

He aroha whakato,
he aroha puta mai;
If kindness is sown,
then kindness you shall receive.