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Grammar Notes - 3 July 2018

Grammar Notes - Issue 10 

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 4 - Thursday 5 July:
Science Fair - Y7&8

Thursday 5 July:
Junior & Senior Girls' English Speaking Finals

Friday 6 July:
Last day of Term 2

Monday 9 July - Friday 20 July:
School Holidays

Monday 23 July:
Term 3 begins
Friends' Back-to-School Cuppa at the Hotel Montreal - from 8.30am

If you have any questions or submissions for future issues please just get in touch - we would love to hear from you.


Concert Series - Celebration of Dance, Movement & Drama

Concert Series

by Mrs Sarah Lowe

Last week on Tuesday night, 26 June, we held our first concert at The Piano - A Dance, Speech and Movement Celebration.

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From the Principal's Desk

by Mr Scott Thelning

Goal: To have a strongly connected and engaged staff, school and community on our journey.

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From the Board

by Mr Chris Oldham

June 2018

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From the Chaplain

by Mrs Teresa Kundycki-Carrell

Do you want Baptism for your child/children or yourself?

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Virtue of the Week - Modesty

Creating Moral Citizens - Virtue of the Week is: Modesty

by Virtue of the Week

What is Modesty?

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General Notices

by CGS

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ChristChurch Cathedral Choristers 2018

Cathedral Choristers

by CGS

Live tomorrow from 1.10pm on RNZ at 101.7FM

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Grammar Sport

by Mr Louis Bertie

What a wonderful term of sport at Cathedral Grammar.

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Nigel Latta's adventures in Parent Land - The First 10 Years

Community News

by CGS

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by Ms Libby Avery

Term 2 is coming to an end and WOW we have been busy. Pre-School remains open for the term break, so for those heading away have a safe holiday and for those remaining at Pre-School we have some fun experiences and learning opportunities all planned.

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Why we do what we do.

by Ms Libby Avery

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development is one of the theories used as the basis behind our Pre-School philosophy and Play Based programme.

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He Kura kōrero -The Gift of Speech

by Ms Libby Avery

This last Tuesday morning, the whole Cathedral Grammar School was treated to a stunning production performance from Christchurch’s own Court Theatre.

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Junior School

by Mrs Simone Whalley

Opportunities for public speaking and performing on stage have been the highlight for me during the last couple of weeks. The Itinerant Music Assembly, The Music and Movement Concert at the Piano, and the Drama Performance in our Junior Hall are all great examples of the incredible talent we have all enjoyed celebrating within our Junior School. All the very best to the Junior School children who are performing in tonight's High Performers Concert.

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Girls' & Boys' Prep Schools

by Ms Brigit McCormack & Mr Simon Lean-Massey

Embracing Opportunities in the Prep School.

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Canterbury Cross Country

by Miss Ella Croll-Dowgray

On Wednesday 27 June we had eight runners represent our school at the Canterbury Cross-country event in Halswell Quarry Park.

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What are the Qualities of a Good Leader?

by Ms Brigit McCormack

This was the question the Y7's were asked when they started to look at the qualities and skills needed for leadership in their Mitre sessions last term.

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The ChristChurch Cathedral Choir Tour - Fundraising Events

by Mrs Nicky Oram

With less than 8 weeks before our 15 choristers depart on their tour to Australia and Japan, we asked the boys what they are most looking forward to on their trip abroad. Here is what they said…

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