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Classical Studies - Level 3


In a sense Classics is the first and oldest area of study - the field is not limited to a single method or discipline, but instead investigates Greek and Roman culture and its influence up to the present day in all its richness and diversity, its familiarity and strangeness.

Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements: None, however it is advantageous if you have achieved at least TWO Level 2 achievement standards in literacy-rich subjects such as Classical Studies, History, English, Languages, Music or Art.

Content: This course involves close analysis of literature and other types of primary source material (archaeological, art historical, historical) through analysing the ideas and values of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome for both internal and external assessment. Contexts may include: Greek vase painting, Theseus - Athenian Hero, Foreign Cults in Ancient Rome, Virgil’s Aeneid, and the study of classical influences.

Skills:  The Level 3 course is designed to develop a wide range of critical skills including those of analysis, constructing and communicating arguments and independent thinking - which can all be used to develop understanding of, and capacity in, the modern world.

Course Costs: Please be aware that this course has associated costs. By selecting this course you are requested to make contributions to its delivery, $10.00 for two workbooks.


Internal Achievement Standards

Level 3     2 Achievement Standards     12 credits in total

External Achievement Standards

Level 3     2 Achievement Standards     8 credits in total

This course offers 20 UE Reading and 8 UE Writing credits.

Where does it lead? Tertiary study. 

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Careers:  Art / museum curator     Architect Editor       Lawyer Marketing       Project manager      Landscape designer    Actor Teacher      Tour guide       Mediation      Journalist     Business Copywriter       Archivist         Academic director      Medicine Parliamentary officer     Art director         Researcher

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