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Performance Sport - Level 2 and 3


‘Performance Sport Programme - PSP’ Linking curricular and extra-curricular interests

The Performance Sport Programme at CGHS is designed to assist with the development of high achieving athletes at CGHS. The course strives to develop the talents of students, placing them in an environment where students are challenged both physically and mentally; developing student athletes with potential who can succeed in all aspects of their selected sport and academia.

Students learn a broad range of topics. Students will be able to design a ‘personalised learning programme’ in which they can select approximately 14-20 NCEA credits from a range of approved Achievement Standards from physical education at their specified level of learning. Learning contexts will be specific to their sporting context and interests and, where appropriate, there could be time allocated to students for individual training.

As student athletes enter senior school, the school curriculum helps to educate them in all aspects of sport and athlete development. Students within the Performance Sport Programme are taught how they can practically apply knowledge into their own sporting development.

Example of Subjects / items covered in the Performance Sport Programme may include:

  • Sports Biomechanics

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Motor Skill Learning

  • Fitness Studies – Physical Conditioning

  • Sports Psychology – Mental Skills Training

  • Performance Nutrition

  • Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

  • Sporting Performance Pathways

Possible Assessment – Level 2:

Demonstrate understanding of how and why biophysical principles relate to the learning of physical skills. (AS91328, 2.2, 5 credits)

Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity. (AS91329, 2.3, 4 credits)

Perform a physical activity in an applied setting. (AS91330, 2.4, 4 credits)

Consistently demonstrate social responsibility through applying a social responsibility model in physical activity. (AS91334, 2.8, 3 credits)

Possible Assessment – Level 3:

Analyse a physical skill performed by self or others. (AS91499, 3.2, 3 credits)

Evaluate the effectiveness of a performance improvement programme. (AS91500, 3.3, 4 credits)

Demonstrate quality performance of a physical activity in an applied setting. (AS91501 3.4,4 credits)

Devise strategies for a physical activity outcome. (AS91789, 3.9, 4 credits)

Performance Sport Programme - Selection Guidelines:

Students in Year 12 and 13 are eligible to apply for the Performance Sport Programme. Application is by a short cover letter and possible meeting with the HOD.

  • Students who have the proven ability to work both independently.

  • Potential representative players at a Regional and National level.

  • Committed athletes who are yet to discover their full potential.

  • Students with a good sporting attitude and leadership qualities with the potential of developing into student athletes.

Please note: It is expected that the student would be playing at least one sport for Christchurch Girls’ High School.

Please be aware that this course may have associated costs. By selecting this course you will be requested to make contributions connected to its delivery.

For more information please see Mr Bilsbury.