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Performance Music - Level 2


Qualification: NCEA Level 2

Entry requirements: Year 11 Music or at the discretion of Mr Langdon.

Content/Skills: Students have the flexibility to create a course to suit their background and interest from the 45 credits available.

The course can be created from performance both individual and group/band, composition, sound recording, research, the study of set works and the demonstration of aural skills and score reading. Additions include the opportunity to perform on a second instrument, instrumentation and researching an aspect of NZ music.
Compositions of original material may be individual or group compositions for those interested in working with a band.
Students may also choose the Achievement Standard SOND 2, the advanced operation and mixing of a PA or Recording system.

Field Trips: Possible visits to a recording studio for which there will be a cost.

Course Costs: None.


Up to 7 Internal Achievement Standards

3 External Achievement Standards worth 14 credits

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 3.

For further information see Mr Langdon.