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Graphics - Design and Visual Communications - Level 3


Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements: 12 Credits at Level 2 which must include at least 2 Internal Achievement Standards and 1 External Achievement Standards.

Content/Skills: The course is designed to give students the option to work in areas of design that they find interesting and on standards that work to their strengths. The students will complete a compulsory external creativity and ideation standard and then chose 2 of the 3 internal standards available. This way students will be able to either work on 2 projects in both product and architectural design fields or to work in only one area and then prepare an exhibition for the end of the year to present their work formally. The course is portfolio based and builds on their knowledge from the previous years course.

Field Trips: Site visit to survey and establish opportunities and constraints for the major project. World of Wearable Arts and Weta studios in Wellington during Oct/Sept holiday is also available as an optional trip.

Course Costs:Please be aware that this course has a ‘take home’ component. By selecting this course you are agreeing to meet full costs for materials that are required. These costs are: $30

Assessment: Mainly internally assessed with only 4 external credits. Students generally complete 16 credits with a double option graphics that takes this to 24 credits.

Standards available:

Internal standards:

Resolve a spatial design through graphics practice - 6

Resolve a product design through graphics practice - 6

Develop a visual presentation that communicates a design outcome to an audience -6 

External standards: Initiate design ideas through exploration - 4

Where does it lead? Tertiary courses in the field of design, architecture, project management and engineering.

For further information see Mr Frier.