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Year 10 Camp 2021

Andrea James —

Camp is not camp without a bit of drama. Having the van broken into at Kura Tāwhiti and losing essential gear was not quite the start to camp we had planned or hoped for.

The students, however, showed fantastic resilience and supported each other through this adversity and all that was still to come. It was awesome to see them persevere through the physical and mental challenges they faced and to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. The class has come away as a more cohesive group after learning more about each other during this event and they now have a greater appreciation and respect of their similarities and differences.

Some of the students reflections on camp are:

It was fun - there were lots of different activities, some of which people had never experienced before. We still got to camp even though we couldn't go to the main camping spot - Lulu

It was hands on and very interactive - Tanisha

Mixed emotions. The activities I enjoyed, the food was really good but I would have preferred my gear not being stolen - Hanna

The activities were fun. Camping was fun even though it wasn't in the right place. The food was good - Keira

It was interesting. The activities were fun, especially Cave Stream - Lily

Andrea James