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Year 9 Camp 2021
Video by Cecelia JardineKing

Year 9 Camp 2021

Izzy Hay —

Every year, our new Year 9 cohort make their way up to Waipara for an overnight camp. Izzy Hay tells us about her experience.

Early in Term 1, 9ORC and 9LWR went on a fun, one night camp to Waipara. We left for Waipara after period three. The second we got on the bus I knew how much fun it was going to be. The first activity for my group was the big swing and for this we were given a rope to hold, which was connected to two cords and a pulley, then pulled up by our classmates.

Year 9 Camp, Waipara — Image by: Genevieve Leech

We got to choose between three levels (3 being 13 metres high), then the second we let go of the rope we swung for ages until we were eventually let down. Next, we had orienteering and the water slide. For this, we had to follow the map around the camp and solve the word puzzle in order to get to the slide. After that, we had dinner and then to bed; after all, we were really tired! The next day our activities included the vertical climb, which is an obstacle course that goes up between two trees, and the swimming hole. On the way home I was exhausted but had the best camp ever.