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Gateway - Level 2


Must be taken as two subjects

Qualification: Unit standards credits which contribute to NCEA Level 2 and Level 3

Entry requirements: None. As this is a STAR and Gateway funded course, international fee-paying students and exchange students are required to pay some costs related to this course.

Content/Skills: This course offers personal development and career planning for students who are on a pathway out of school either into further study or work. A range of Unit Standards will be undertaken in an individualised career pathway for each student. Core standards such as planning for future direction and preparing targeted curriculum vitaes will be carried out by all students.

Visiting speakers, site visits and work experience will be included in the programme. It may also involve some community activities such as volunteering.

Field Trips: Local visits to tertiary providers and workplaces

Course Costs: None


Unit Standards across levels 1-3

Approximately 8 in total

A minimum of 37 depending on the student's individual Gateway programme across two lines of the timetable

Where does it lead? It is useful preparation for any Future Pathway. Strong focus on developing workplace/life skills and experiences, for students looking at courses outside school or work at the end of the year.

For further information see Mrs Thatcher