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English - Year 10


In Year 10, students will study seven hours of English per fortnight in programmes that align with the New Zealand Curriculum for English. Students will study a variety of topics and texts organised around themes. They are encouraged to make connections between these topics and texts, and to relate these to the wider world. 

The activities covered encourage students to make meaning (listening, reading and viewing) and create meaning (speaking, writing and presenting) in a range of situations.  These include:

  • writing in a variety of contexts including creative and formal styles
  • reading in a variety of literary and general texts, for example – poetry, drama, short stories, novels, non-fiction and film
  • language work, including exploring language features that enhance text, ideas and structures within language context, and text purpose and audiences. Students will also be encouraged to extend their vocabulary and spelling and to become aware of appropriate and effective use of language
  • practical experience with some form of drama, speaking, presentation and ICT

There will be common assessments in written, oral and visual aspects of the programme.

All Year 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to enter the ICAS English and ICAS Writing competitions. Students have the option of competing in the Alison Harper Memorial Prize for Shakespearean Dramatisation, the Chirnside Prize for Appreciation of Shakespeare and the Junior Speech Competition. Teachers will explain how students can enter for these prizes as the year progresses. There are also a number of external writing, speaking and film competitions students can enter.

Course Costs: There are stationery costs associated with this course.  Students may be asked throughout the year for a contribution to help cover the cost of performances targeted to this year level.