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Digital Technologies (Option) - Year 10


Tasting Digital Technologies

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Content/Skills: This course is a comprehensive introduction to today's Digital World. It continues the learning pathway in Digital Technologies including:

  • Creating a multimedia website in an iterative manner using HTML & CSS [Design & Develop a Digital Outcome]
  • Creating simple Adobe Photoshop, Piskel, Lego and Clay Animations [Design & Develop a Digital Outcome]
  • Programming a simple interactive computer game in an iterative manner with Scratch [Computational Thinking]
  • Programming a Picbot using Basic
  • Creating and editing digital images using Piskel, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator [Design & Develop a Digital Outcome]
  • Introduction to MS Office including use of and integration of MSAccess, MSExcel, MSWord and MS Powerpoint [Design & Develop a Digital Outcome]
  • Introduction to Algorithms [Computational Thinking]
  • Desktop Publishing - Page layout following design principles [Design & Develop a Digital Outcome]
  • Application development - Create a simple mobile phone application [Design & Develop a Digital Outcome] [Computational Thinking]
  • Developing an understanding of human computer interaction (HCI) and the associated heuristics. [Computational Thinking]

Student are also taught good practices re managing data such as:

  • Appropriate file/data management practices [Managing Data]
  • Ethical, moral and legal responsibilities re data [Managing Data]
  • Global Digital Citizenship [Society]

Students are also introduced to Cloud based environments such as Google Drive

Guest speakers are invited into class to enhance knowledge and learning.

Students are offered the opportunity to enter in annual competitions.

Note: The contents of this course may be adapted at the discretion of the HOD Digital Technologies.

Field Trips: EPIC Centre - IT Careers

Course Costs: Each student will receive print credit for completing work for the formative and summative assessments. For extra printing students will need to purchase a photocopy card.

There are stationery costs associated with this course.

Please be aware that this course has 'associated costs'. By selecting this course you will be requested to make contributions connected to its delivery. [Cost $7.50]

Please be aware that this course has a 'take home component'. By selecting this course you are agreeing to meet the full costs for materials that are required. [Cost $15.00]

Total Cost [$22.50]

Where does it lead? Digital Technologies Year 11

This course is recommended if you are taking 11 Digital Technologies.

For further information see Mrs C. Nicholls