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Media Studies - Level 3


Year 13

Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements: In order to enter Level 3 Media Studies, students must gain at least one internal and one practice external in NCEA Level 2 English at Achievement or higher. Preferential entry will be given to those who are able to demonstrate passion and commitment to this course. Entry will be given at the discretion of the HOD.

Content/skills: Media Studies challenges and empowers students to analyse and interpret media content and to become more informed and think critically about the media and its role in everyday life. We will be offering a film-based Media Studies course in 2022.

In this course you will:

  • Explore the genre of film
  • Demonstrate and apply your understanding of the crafting of film
  • Develop the concept, script and final product of a short film
  • Work independently or with other students in the development, filming and editing of a short film
  • Complete an external which demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between a film genre and society.

Possible course costs: While not essential, students are encouraged to provide their own device for this course. One A3 clearfile folder is required.

Assessment: This course will offer a range of internal and external standards (17 credits in total). Only one external standard will be offered, with the remaining 13 credits coming from internal standards.

Literacy requirement for UE: This course will offer 7 credits; 3 writing credits for the first internal assessment, and 4 credits for the external, which can be used as reading or writing credits.

Where does it lead? Students who study Media develop excellent analytical and critical thinking skills. As this is a practical, film-based course, students would be well placed to enter courses linked to broadcasting, design and film production.

For further information, please see Ms Rae.