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Harper House 2021
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Harper House

Meg Blanchfield —

It is safe to say that 2021 was a rollercoaster for Harper House!

I have had the privilege of being the Head of Harper House for 2021 and it has been a pleasure seeing lots of the harper girls getting heavily involved and have remained very positive and upbeat during these challenging times that was 2021.

Luckily enough, before the snap lockdown due to COVID-19, we managed to get in all of our most important house events; athletics day, swimming sports and most importantly lip sync. Both athletics day and swimming sports being quite early in the year meant they were able to set the scene for all the great house spirit and student involvement.

Lipsync is always the best and most exciting house event on the calendar. I am very thankful we were actually able to have this event this year as unfortunately last year it was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown. This event had lots of harper girls participating which was great to see, especially getting 1st at lip sync this year with our iconic theme of Phases of Britney Spears, one to remember that’s for sure! However it required a lot of hard work, organising and a lot of missed lunch times for practices so I’m extremely proud and grateful for all of the people that participated and helped, which paid off with our win!

2021 was a year of interrelationships. Having the position of head of house enabled me to meet many students from varying year levels which I believe created a much better environment at CGHS. I am grateful for all of the girls also stepping up and getting involved in anything and everything, they were able to also encourage their friends to get involved too allowing for a year that had ample house spirit.

As a whole it has been a fun and successful year for Harper house! This house has been able to make the most out of every opportunity and event, whilst having large amounts of fun doing so. A big thank you to Miss Lawrence, my deputy head Molly Corlet, all of my house committee members and on the whole all of my harper girls for all the time and effort you all put into everything this year. Your hard work and all your help definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. It has been such a rewarding role to see all girls of different year levels work together and create such an inclusive and fun atmosphere throughout the whole of CGHS with great house spirit. There are great things ahead for all you girls and for Harper house and can’t wait to see how Harper goes next year!