Hero photograph
Canterbury Schools Dragon Boating Tournament, Lake Rua
Photo by CGHS Publication

Canterbury Schools Dragon Boating Tournament

Georgia Fitzpatrick —

On Sunday, the 7th of March, nine CGHS students competed in the Canterbury Schools Dragon Boating tournament at Lake Rua.

The tournament consisted of two types of races: 250 meters and 500 meters.

We started off well, placing second in each heat. Finally, the finals of the women’s 250m was upon us. We were versing Marian College for the cup. The horn was blown, and we set off, racing from one side of the lake to the other. We ended up placing first, with milliseconds separating us from Marian. We were ecstatic!

Then the 500 meters began, with boats needing to make one length of the lake, turn around a buoy, return. We started off strong, with a great turn around the buoy and finishing first with good distance in front of others. We ended up finishing third in the B finals and sixth overall.

The day ended with us packing up and having a prize giving, where we were given a lovely, shiny trophy for coming first in the 250 metres sprint race. Though the day did partially consist of cold winds, it was an amazing experience and a super fun time.

Dragon Boating Team 2021 — Image by: PhotoLife