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Samoan Language Week 2021
Video by Cecelia JardineKing

Samoan Language Week 2021

Christine O'Neill —

O ā mai oulou? How are you all?

The first week  of June was Samoan language week where we had an opportunity to celebrate our Samoan students, their culture and language. The theme of the language week was Poupou le lotoifale. Ola manuia le anofale (Strengthen the posts of your house, for all to thrive). This means to make the house strong, stable, safe and beautiful to cater to the needs of the family within. In a sense this is what we try to do in school for all our students and in this context for all our Samoan and other Pasifika students – making this school a strong and safe place to celebrate their identity and the beauty of their culture and language so our students thrive. When we know our students well, our relationships are strengthened and learning happens.

During the week there were daily challenges for staff and students, Samoan language lessons delivered by the students, and panipopo and koko (hot cocoa and coconut buns) even delivered directly to my office! How lucky are we! We have Ms Maria Lemalie, Ms Angie Sisifa and our Samoan students to thank for these events and treats.

Fa’afetai lava

Christine O’Neill