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English - Level 1 (ENW 102)


Qualification: NCEA Level 1

Entry requirements: None

Content/Skills: Students will make meaning (listening, reading and viewing) and create meaning (speaking, writing and presenting) through a variety of activities such as:

  • writing in a wide variety of contexts – creative writing and/or formal writing
  • reading widely - novel, drama, film, poetry and short stories and making connections between these texts
  • developing skills in language use and analysis
  • presenting skills such as speech-making

Field Trips: These may be organised throughout the year by individual teachers.  Details of such trips will be communicated to students several weeks in advance.

Possible Course Costs:  There are stationery costs associated with this course.  Students may be asked to offer a contribution for performances linked to this course throughout the year.


ENW 102 (Writing in our World)

This course will involve the study of a range of written and visual texts. Students will select either creative or formal writing to focus on.  


One of

1.4 (90052) Creative Writing (3) 

1.5 (90053) Formal Writing (3)


1.6 (90857) Oral Text (optional) (3)

1.8 (90852) Connections (4)


1.2 (90850) Visual text (4)

1.3 (90851) Unfamiliar Text (4)


Where does it lead? NCEA Level 2

For further information see Ms. Dyne or Dr. Williamson.