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Social Studies - Year 9

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In Term 2 Year 9 core classes went on a Social Studies Taonga Hunt across Christchurch City.

We used the Goosechase app; there was no set route, but different tasks with varied amounts of points allocated to them. We were in groups of 5 (tēina) and had two Year 12 or 13 students (tuākana) to accompany us.

This was an activity based on trust and we enjoyed the freedom of being allowed around Christchurch City without an adult! We started at Te Puna o Waiwhetū (The Christchurch Art Gallery) and from there separated into our groups and went whichever way we wanted. My group went to the Bridge of Remembrance first and then went on to answer clues on important features and places such as; the Kate Sheppard monument, pieces of art at the Art Gallery, the Waka in the Iwi Tawhito – Whenua Hou display at Canterbury Museum, Cathedral Square, Tūranga Library, and many more. 

We stopped and had lunch at Riverside Market which was bustling with lunch time traffic. At 2 o’clock everyone met back at Te Puna o Waiwhetū so we could walk back across Hagley Park to school and announce the winners. It was a really fun afternoon and I learnt some fascinating facts about Christchurch history. I think the Taonga hunt taught people a lot about how to work together as a team and how to manage your time when you are under pressure! The other half of the Year 9 Core classes will adventure out on the Taonga Hunt later in the year.

By Annabelle Sewell 9KER