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History - Level 3


Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements: No entry restrictions, although Merit grades in Y12 English-rich subjects are highly recommended.

Students should note that L3 History offers 20 UE Reading Credits and 10 UE Writing Credits.


Apollo Moon Landing and JFK Assassination Conspiracies - We will begin the year examining two famous conspiracies, the people and the evidence behind them. By looking at the Moon Landing conspiracy theory and a range of conspiracies associated with the assassination of JFK students will learn how to consider historical perspectives and the relative validity of the evidence that supports those perspectives.

The 9/11 Attacks is the major topic for the year. We will examine in detail the causes and consequences of this attack, looking in particular at Osama bin Laden’s motive, American failures in intelligence, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and changes in American and global security in a post-9/11 world.

Historical Research - The research topics for 2020 will allow students to investigate an aspect of NZ's history in more depth. Popular topics have included the 1981 Springbok Tour protests, Homesexual Law Reform in NZ, Abortion and Contraception change, Ettie Rout and Sexual Health in WW1, and a wide range of other topics.

Throughout the year students will engage in 'Historical Thinking' and will learn how to develop their thinking skills in order to think like a Historian.

The writing, critical thinking skills and broad knowledge developed in Year 13 History will prepare students for study in any tertiary field.

The History Department has an excellent record in Scholarship. Scholarship students will be tutored outside of class hours.

Field Trips: To be advised - local trips only such as the Canterbury Museum may occur where possible

Course Costs: To be confirmed.


2 Internal Achievement Standards worth 10 Credits

2 External Achievement Standards worth 10 Credits

Where does it lead? Careers like journalism, politics and law which emphasise and value: analytical ability, the ability to effectively structure and support an argument and require and understanding of, and interpretation of various perspectives.

For further information see HOD History Mr Thornhill tlc@cghs.school.nz, Ms Barrell  brs@cghs.school.nz, or Ms Hornsey  hns@cghs.school.nz