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Staff 2021
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Christchurch Girls' High School Staff 2021


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C O'Neill Principal, MEdL, BA, DipTchg

Mr P Sawyer Deputy Principal BEd, PGDipEdLeadership, DipTchg

Mrs S Bailey Assistant Principal MEd, PGDipEd (eLearning),B.Sc, DipTchg

Ms Maria Lemalie Assistant Principal, BA, DipTchg

Mrs L J Peawini Assistant Principal BEd(PE), DipTchg

Mrs G Leech BSc, CertAntarcticStud, DipTchgLrn

Mrs C Miller Executive Officer


Mr J Aaron Head of Science Learning Area BSc Zoology, Dip Environmental Science, DipTchg

Mrs J Anderson BDes, DipTchgLrn

Ms K Ang BA, GDipTchg

Miss S Barrell BA(Hons), DipTchgLrn

Mrs K Bennett BSc(Hons), DipTchg

Mrs S Bennett BSc Trained Teachers Certificate

Mrs L Bierque Head of Visual Art BFA, (Belgium), BDesign, GDipDes, DipTchg

Mr M Bilsbury Head of PE Department BPhEd, DipTchg

Mrs M Blair Reception

Mr A Blyth Head of Commerce/Assessment Coordinator BSc, DipTchg

Ms J Bowman BArch, GDipTchg

Mrs S Boyd SCT/Teacher in Charge Economics BPhEd, DipTchg

Mr J Brocklehurst Msc, DipTchg

Ms S Brophy BEd PE, GDipTchg

Mrs R Brown Sports Co-ordinator DipPhysEd, DipTchg

Mrs S Buckley Teacher Head of Food and Textiles Technology DipHSc, DipTchg

Mrs L Burak  Dip NZ Policing

Mr B Burney Kamar Co-ordinator MA(Hons), DipTchg

Miss H Caird BCApSc - Major Human Nutrition, Minor Food Service Management, DipTchg

Mr D Clare BSc (Hons), DipTchg

Ms R Cleeve BSc GDipTchg

Ms V Collingwood BA, GDipTchg

Ms R Coombes BA DipEd

Mrs P Dakers ESOL Tutor BSc DipTchg Cert. ESOL

Mrs M Daly BSC Dip of Teaching

Mrs C Dardaiac BE (Romania), DipTchgLrn

Miss J A Day Learning Support BSc

Ms S Dixon Assistant Head of Visual Art BA (Hons), LTh, DipTchg

Ms K Dyne MEd (Distinction), DipTchg

Mrs L Earnshaw Librarian Dip Library and Information Studies, Dip Cartography

Mrs S Fayter BA, PGCE

Mrs J Field Head of Faculty Counsellor, MCouns, DipEd(Counselling and Guidance), BA (Sociology and Education), DipTchgCert with Dip of Speech and Language Therapy

Mr R Frier Head of Graphics and Product Design Technology BA(Hons), PGCE 

Mrs A Garrett BPA (NZ Drama School), DipPA, (NZ Drama School), DipTchgLrn

Mrs P Grogan-Henderson  MEd, BA - English and Sociology, PGBipEd (E-learning), DipTchg

Ms C Heyward Guidance Counsellor Bach Arts, Dip Craft Design CPIT, DipTchgLrn 

Ms K Hooper Head of Mathematics Learning Area, BA, DipTchg

Mrs Phillipa Holmes BEd, GDipTchg

Ms S Hornsey Head of Social Sciences Learning Area, BA, DipTchg

Mrs A Huia Teacher in Charge of Te Reo and Tikanga BA(Hons), DipTchg, DipTBI

Ms A James Master of Education (Hons), Bachelor of Commerce

Mrs C Jardine-King Teacher in Charge of ESOL BA, DipMusSt, Dip TEAL, DipTchgLrn,

Ms A Keates Acting Responsibility in English BA, DipTchgLrn

Mrs M Kelly BLA, DipTchg

Mr S Kersten BEng (Hons), GDipTchg

Mrs M Kong BSc

Mrs K Kumar BSc, GDipTchg

Mr M Langdon Head of Music BA, ATCL, DipTchg, PGDipEd LD (Distinction)

Miss R Lawrence B Sc Maths, Grad Dip in Teaching and Learning

Mr T Lewis BSc, DipTchg, DipSc

Mrs A Lynas B Counselling

Mrs S Malcolm BComm, GDipTchg

Mrs S Manning BA, GDipTchg

Mrs J Matla Student Liaison Officer

Ms C McDermott BA, DipTchg

Ms L McHaffie Executive Assistant BSc (PAMs, Psych), DipPersonnelMgmt

Ms K Mehta-Woledge BA, M Counselling

Mr A Meredith Head of Geography/ Teacher in Charge of Tourism BA, DipTchg, CertTEAL

Mrs C Miller Executive Officer

Miss J Morrison BEd - Uni of Alberta (Music)

Mrs A Naughton BA (Hons) 2i German, CertEd (French and German)

Mrs K Needham Student Liaison / Enrolments Certificate III in Aged Care (NSW Australia)

Mrs C Nicholls Head of Digital Technology - Rotating HOLA BCM, DipCom, DipTchgLrn

Mr M Norton BEd, DipTchg

Ms M O'Connor BA (Classical Studies), DipTchng (NZGSE)

Miss C O'Rourke BA (Art History and English), DipTchgLrn  (NZGSE)

Ms J Olson Assistant Mathematics BCom, DipTchgLrn

Ms S Otway Head of Health BPhEd(Hons), BEd(Canada)

Mrs S Passchier BSc, DipTchg

Mrs L J Peawini Assistant Principal BEd(PE), DipTchg

Mrs C Phoon BSc (Hons) Ocean Science, GDip Teaching 

Ms C Pierce Teacher in Charge of Digital Art BA(Hons), DipTchgLrn

Mrs M Pinkney Head of French BA(Hons), PGCE(UK), PGDip SLT, PGCert in Applied Practice, MEd (Distinction) ELearning

Mrs D Porter Finance Administrator

Miss B Price BComm, DipTchg

Miss W Price BA, DipTchg

Ms A Rae Teacher in Charge of Media Studies BA(English Lit), DipTchg (Secondary) NZGSE

Ms A Rainey Assistant Head of English BA, DipTchg

Miss J Rattray Assistant Librarian

Ms N Richards BEd (PE), DipTchg

Ms L Robson Financial Administrator

Mrs A Rosevear, Administration

Ms J Ross Diploma Visual Ed, DipTchg, BFA (Hons), MFA

Mrs B Ruder Sports Administration

Mrs N Sawyer Reader Writer Co-ordinator and International Administration BM

Mr P Sawyer Deputy Principal BEd, PGDipEdLeadership, DipTchg

Ms A Sisifa BPE, GDipTchg

Mrs N Smith Head of Languages Learning Area/Head of German/Head of Chinese BA, DipTchg

Mrs A Spence BA (Hons), GDipTchg

Mr P Stevenson, BSc, DipTchg

Mrs B Sullivan MEd, DipTchg

Mrs M Sweeney Administration

Mrs A Taylor BA (Hons) (Anthropology and Sociology), MA (Cultural Anthropology) (distinction), DipTchgLrn 

Mrs V Teesdale BA DipTchgLrn

Mrs L Thatcher Head of Department B Arts (Hons), Diploma of Careers Guidance - Accelerated Training and Education

Mr J Thew Head of Biology BSc, DipSc, DipTchg

Mr C Thornhill Head of History BA, DipTchgLrn

Ms K Tinworth MusB GDipTchg

Mrs B Wallace Cochrane BSc, MSc, MEd, GDipTchg

Ms C Waugh BSc, Dip Tchg

Mrs S White BPE, DipTchg

Dr A Williamson BA (Hons), GDipTchg

Mrs A Wilson Head of Junior Science BSc(Hons), LTCL, DipTchg

Mr S Woyak BSc - University of Wisconsin USA, DipTchg

Mr S Young Caretaker, Registered Electrician