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Social Enterprise Success

CGHS Publication —

Students who undertake the Business Studies course are challenged to create an enterprise which considers four aspects of sustainability: economic, social, environmental and cultural.

This year one group, the Unalome Bears, had a strong focus on social sustainability and made a product (the gorgeous bear, below) which has raised awareness of mental health issues and raised $400 for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

The four students: Nesha Fry, Christine Chang, Alisa Wada and Ashtyn Hill have shown excellent passion for their venture by completing many activities beyond those required by the course. In addition to attending the Greenlane Market during the July school holidays, they sold many bears through direct channels and on Saturday the 2nd of October organised and executed a walk through Hagley Park during the Mental Health Awareness Week. At the conclusion of the walk, the group provided a beautiful afternoon tea for participants and presented prizes which had been donated from local businesses.

The purpose of Business Studies is for students to develop soft skills and carry out an innovative and sustainable business activity. This group nailed the brief!