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Choir Camp 
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Choir Camp

CGHS Publication —

In the weekend the school’s auditioned choir, Cantrices, held its annual choir boot camp!

The choir boot camp is a fantastic chance for everyone to become well acquainted with each other and get a head start on our Big Sing repertoire. We were set up in the staffroom where we participated in many team bonding activities such as speed charades and a very intense tower building competition made out of marshmallows and spaghetti, bringing out the choir’s creative side! In the evening we had karaoke set up in the PAC where we sung our hearts out to some karaoke classics.

This camp is one of the biggest highlights of the year for Cantrices and I can definitely say we’ve become a tightly knit group already. From this boot camp we were able to make many new friends across all year groups and have an immense amount of fun. With the competition coming up in June, I truly look forward to seeing the choir continue to improve and grow together. 

Choir Camp — Image by: CGHS Publication