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English - Level 2 (ENL 204)


Qualification: NCEA Level 2

Students will select a course that best suits their interests and needs.  

Content/Skills: Students in this course will be encouraged to:

  • study a variety of literature 
  • write in a wide variety of contexts – creative writing and formal writing
  • read widely - novel, drama, film, poetry and short stories
  • develop skills in language use and analysis
  • develop presenting skills such as speech-making


ENL 204 - Love of Literature

This course will include the study of a Shakespearean drama and a range of other literature including novels, poetry, short stories and film. This course is for students who enjoy reading and closely critiquing a range of literature.


2.5 Oral Presentation - (3) (Optional)

2.9 Personal Reading - (4) (R)

2.10 Close Viewing - (3)


2.1 Written Text Response - 4 Credits (R and W)

2.2 Visual Text Response - 4 Credits (W)

2.3 Unfamiliar Text Response - 4 Credits (R and W)

(Select 2 out of 3)


Field Trips:  Class teachers may organise outings for their classes throughout the course of the year.

Possible Course Costs: Students are encouraged to purchase their novel and/or Shakespearean text. There are stationery costs associated with this course.  Class teachers may organise performances for their classes throughout the course of the year, and may ask for a contribution to help cover costs.

Literacy requirement for UE:

These courses vary in the number of reading and writing credits that they offer.

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 3.

To meet the University Entrance literacy requirement students must gain 5 credits in writing and 5 credits in reading at NCEA Level 2 or above. Level 2 English offers a range of internal and external standards that contribute towards this requirement.

For further information see Ms. Dyne or Dr. Williamson.