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You have now been invoiced for NZQA fees for 2018. These fees are due by Friday 17th August. Students intending to enter Scholarship examinations must collect a ‘intention to enter’ slip from Mrs Bailey.

This must be signed by both the teacher in charge of the subject and the parent/caregiver and then returned. Once a student is entered, the additional Scholarship fees will be added.

The fee structure for NZQA qualifications is:

Fee structure for domestic candidates

Fee for 2018 incl GST

Entry for all NZQF standards


Scholarship entries

$30 per subject

Fee structure for international fee paying candidates

Fee for 2018 incl GST

Entry for all NZQF standards


Entry for each Scholarship subject

$102.20 per subject

Candidates, who have not paid the entry fees, will not have results for that year used to award qualifications.

Eligibility for financial assistance

To be eligible for financial assistance the person applying (normally the parent or guardian of the candidate but may be the candidate themselves if they are a beneficiary) must be the fee payer and meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

· For a benefit-based application you must be receiving a Work and Income (WINZ) or Study Link benefit, or have a Community Services Card.

· For an income-based application you must be eligible for a Community Services Card (but do not currently have one).

· For a multiple candidate application you must have two or more children (2) taking these qualifications in the same year, regardless of your income.

The application form can be downloaded from: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/entry-into-ncea/fees-for-ncea/financial-assistance/

Learner Login and NZQA App for Students

Students will receive their unique NSN number in Ako time next week. All students who have been entered for NCEA will be able to login to see their results that we have submitted to the NZQA database for the year to date. To do this, navigate to the NZQA website...


...and then follow the links shown below...

Home > NCEA > Information for students > login to see your results

From here there is a simple registration process which will give access to a listing of not only current results for internal assessments, but also a complete listing of all standards a student has been entered for in 2018. We update this every month from our school database.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sonja Bailey