Orchestra Intermediates Trip

Lucy Boyd, Hawwa Niyaz and Paige Mohs —

On Friday, 30 July the combined CGBHS Orchestra went on a tour around the local intermediate schools to show off our musical talent.

Throughout the day we did a total of 5 performances at 4 different schools. We started off at Cobham then Breens Intermediate. After returning back to Cobham Intermediate for the second performance, we shot off to perform at Heaton Intermediate. We ended the day off at Kirkwood Intermediate for our final performance.

At each school we played a range of songs starting with Warrior Legacy to show off how the different instruments work together in an orchestra. Following this song we played something the kids would enjoy and be able to sing along to which was a Pops Medley. We took the popular radio sounds from people like Olivia Rodrigo and had the orchestra play them with their own twists. 

As the final piece of the concerts the orchestra performed Russian Sailors’ Dance. This was conducted by the intermediate kids with percussion also being from their amazing skills so it got a little chaotic but was fun to see the new budding musicians.

It was a lot of fun and the orchestra wants to thank Mr Langdon for all his hard work to get the orchestra ready and to him and Miss Morrison for accompanying us around the schools.

Lucy Boyd, Hawwa Niyaz and Paige Mohs.