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Book Week 2021

Mrs Earnshaw. —

The library became a scary place for a week. Bats, spiders, cobwebs and ghosts adorned the Haunted House as our ‘horrible’ collection went on show. Weeks of work by our team of 89 student librarians gave the whole room a great vibe.

As well as promoting books, we also ran competitions with lots of chocolate for prizes. The Kidnap Mystery, created by Casey (Y12), required a lot of sorting through real clues and red herrings to work out the answer. Our colouring in competition is always popular and Guess The Teacher had lots of entries, mostly correct!

Staff had some fun too with an interactive board that anyone could post to - “Which teacher would you take into a Haunted House”.

Thanks to our wonderful library team for all their ideas and hard work (and patience when Bookweek was delayed for 4 weeks due to lockdown). It was fun.