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Photo by CGHS Publication

Eco Action Nursery

Jason Aaron —

On Wednesday 3rd November the Eco Action nursery tree planting group held a small function at Mona Vale to thank the volunteer students, teachers, and outside organisations for their hard work this year.

The Trust has planted thousands of native trees in the Red Zone near QEII in 2021, despite Covid restrictions, and the structure is in place for this number to increase exponentially in the next few years.

At the event Toni Philpott and Hawwa Niyaz received awards and are now recognised as Eco Action Leaders. Their hard work and dedication have allowed the Christchurch Girls' High School nursery to thrive, and we are excited to be involved in the program in 2022.

Eco Action Hawwa Niyaz  — Image by: CGHS Publication

Eco Action -  Toni Philpott — Image by: CGHS Publication