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Photo by Rob Frier

Graphics - Design and Visual Communications - Level 2


Qualification: NCEA Level 2

Entry requirements: 14 Credits at Level 1 which include AS 1.30 and 1.35

Content/Skills: The concepts and skills covered in Level 1 are extended. Students are given the opportunity to experiment with and master a variety of new methods of presentation. Students will undertake a product design and an architectural project to develop a detailed and accurate solution to a brief. An emphasis on creative and exciting design that defies convention is at the forefront of the projects.

Standards completed:

Internal standards: 
Develop a spatial design through graphics practice - 6

Develop a product design through graphics practice - 6

Use the characteristics of a design era or movement to inform design ideas - 3

External standards:

Use visual communication techniques to generate design ideas - 3

Field Trips: World of wearable arts and Weta studios in Oct/Sept, field trips to visit architectural sites.

Course Costs: Please be aware that this course has a ‘take home’ component. By selecting this course you are agreeing to meet full costs for materials that are required. These costs are: $25

Assessment: A mixture of internal and external standards will be offered totalling 18 credits. These will include spatial and product design projects and presentation drawing techniques.

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 3.

For further information see Mr Frier.