Physical Education - Level 1


Qualification: NCEA Level 1

Entry requirements: Active involvement Year 10 PE and keen interest in understanding sport, performance, movement and activity.

Content/Skills: This course has a variety of practical and theory components including sport education modules, individual and team sports activities and elements of outdoor education. Throughout the year the students will participate in a wide range of practical based learning activities.

Theory covers basic sports science (skill learning, functional anatomy, bio-mechanics and exercise physiology) and applies it to the practical components of the course.

Students will also investigate aspects of social responsibility and participation in physical activity.

Field Trips: An overnight mountain biking trip.

Internally Assessed Standards

These are standards which will be assessed during the year and you will be awarded credits at that time if you gain an Achieved, Merit or Excellence grade. There is no external examination at the end of the year for internal assessments.


90962  1.1 Participate actively in a variety of activities and explain factors influencing performance 5 Credits

90963  1.2 Describe the function of the body as it relates to performance. 5 Credits

90964  1.3 Demonstrate quality movement. 3 Credits

90966 1.5 Demonstrate interpersonal skills in a group and explain how they impact on others. 4 Credits

90967 1.6 Demonstrate strategies to improve performance and describe the outcomes. 3 Credits

There is only ONE assessment opportunity for 1.2 and, 1.6 but for 1.3 there are reassessment opportunities. 1.1 and 1.5  are ongoing in nature and take place over multiple terms/units.

There are no Externally Assessed Standards in Physical Education

Please be aware that this course has associated costs. By selecting this course you will be requested to make contributions connected to its delivery.

These costs are: MTB Camp approximately $125.00 - $140.00 and Workbooks $25.00.

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 2.

For further information see Mr Bilsbury.