Hero photograph
Photo by Laura-Jean Peawini

Australian Mathematics Competition Results


The Australian Mathematics Competition is sat by the most talented mathematicians in New Zealand and Australia. This year 56 Christchurch Girls High Students participated in this competition and achieved awesome results. In Year 9 Rosie Webber and Mana Hiramoto achieved Distinction awards and scored in the top 20% of their year level. In Year 10 Toni Philpott, Pippa Geldermans, Charlotte Cotton, Kate Koller and Lucy Bates also gained Distinction awards. Toni, Pippa and Charlotte all scored in the top 10% of their year level and Kate and Lucy scored in the top 20% of their year level. At the senior level Becky Bates in Year 11 and Yuhan Chi in Year 13 both gained Distinction. Becky scoring in the top 10% and Yuhan in the top 25% of their year levels. Well done girls!