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Tourism - Level 3


Qualification: Gain credits towards NCEA Level 3 and credits towards the National Certificate in Tourism. This is a Unit Standards Course.

Entry requirements: None.

Content/Skills: This course prepares students to work in the tourism industry and covers 4 Unit Standards; Demonstrate knowledge of Australia as a tourist destination; Demonstrate knowledge of Pacific Island countries as a tourist destinations; Provide customer service for international visitors; Cultural significance in tourism.

Students will learn the skills and knowledge to give them an insight into the tourism industry. This course is also useful for students who are trying to manage a busy workload or schedule as most of the work and assessment occurs during class time.

Course Costs: Please be aware that this course has (optional) associated costs. The course costs are approximately $150.00 for a 2 day field trip to Aoraki Mount Cook. There will be various outings within Christchurch during the Year 13 tourism class time slot.


4 Internal Unit Standards worth 19 Credits

Where does it lead? Students are working towards meeting the requirements of the National Certificate in Tourism. Students who want to complete more standards towards the National Certificate should speak to their classroom teacher or careers adviser to discuss the options available. From here students may go onto tertiary study in tourism at Lincoln University, New Zealand school of Tourism, Queenstown Resort College and other similar institutions. Other students may seek career opportunities directly in the tourism industry.

For further information see Mrs McDermott, mdc@cghs.school.nz