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News from Learning Enhancement - Information about Special Assessment Conditions

Cecelia Jardine-King —

This week we held an assembly for all Year 11-13 students who have been granted Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) or are hoping to.

NZQA grant SAC to students who have barriers to their learning and would otherwise achieve if those barriers weren’t there. Students are granted an Assessment Assistant for internal assessments and for both school and NZQA exams. There are some internals where it is not necessary to have assistance as many are done in and out of the classroom and have to be the student’s own work - such as in Art and Design assessments.

We have changed the way that students apply for SAC this year. Students have been invited to join a Google Classroom for their year level and all the information they need is in this Google Classroom. 

Students will now apply for an Assessment Assistant themselves, rather than having their teacher do it, which is the way it is done in most schools. We have contacted all students who did not make it to the meeting to make sure they know where to go and what to do. 

I have attached the slideshow that we have shared with students which explains more about SAC. Please view this slideshow here Student copy of SAC

If you have any questions about Special Assessment Conditions, please contact Cecelia Jardine-King jac@cghs.school.nz