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Photo by CGHS Publication

Visit to Justice Precinct

Paige Mohs and Chenaé Mariller —

On Tuesday, 10th of August, the Year 12 Geography class went downtown to the Justice Precinct and Christchurch Police Station.

We went here as the internal that we just finished was CSI Chicago. This meant that we had to research about Chicago and the homicide patterns that happened within the city over the past 160 years. During the internal we investigated police involvement within the city of Chicago and this trip allowed us to make comparisons and links with Christchurch.

At the Justice Precinct we talked to many different women within the police force as well as the supervisor for the comms unit. They took us on a brief tour of the station and then sat us down to tell us about the jobs that are available within the force. We learnt a lot about the communication and the intelligence units as both these units tied into what we saw for our recently finished internal.

After we got to learn about the police force and the different units we were able to see that there are many different ways to join the force. They told us all about their stories and how they entered the police force, and many different careers in the force. During all of this discussion our class was able to try out some of the requirements for the police fitness test such as press ups and a grip strength test.

Police Station Visit — Image by: CGHS Publication

All in all the trip was very enjoyable and we learnt more about the police force and what they do for the community. We would like to thank Mr Meredith for giving us the opportunity to take the trip as well as all the officers that took the time out of their day to come and talk to us and especially to John Robinson from the police who organised the visit.