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JUCY Snooze Tourism Trip
Photo by CGHS Publication

JUCY Snooze Tourism Trip

Maddy Hendren, Anna Sweeney, Saraya Brown —

On Thursday the 18th March, the two Year 13 Tourism classes travelled to the JUCY Snooze accommodation close to the airport to see their pod rooms and view the ways they operate.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the lovely manager Anna who showed us around the hotel and took us to places such as the common area, a very large room filled with a huge kitchen and spaces for visitors to hang around and chill out. 

We were then shown the pod rooms which were rooms of eight pod beds including power charging ports, lighting and safe storage. These pod rooms were very interesting to the tourism classes as we got to see a cheap, innovative way of providing comfortable accommodation for tourists. 

We also got to see the more private rooms which accommodate for families rather than individuals. They offer rooms with a queen bed and en-suite and also rooms with a queen and single bed which are good for families of 3 or 4 as they can add an extra bed to your room if needed. 

We heard that Tourism is a great industry to work in if you like helping people, are willing to work hard and have a friendly personality. Overall our trip to the JUCY Snooze was very beneficial as we were given some insight into an alternative accommodation that tourists who visit Christchurch often book into.