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Remember our Careers page can be found on Onstream under the 'Students' tab – there are several useful links for students and parents to click on. These will take you to sites that include those that help with Job Search, Tertiary Study and Future Pathways. For this week's Careers Update...

Liaison Visit update

On Tuesday 5th March Lincoln University will be visiting CGHS in the Library at Break 2 for those keen to listen about what they have to offer.

Information from Tertiary Providers 

Victoria University of Wellington - Bachelor of Communication to launch in 2020 

Designed to take advantage of the University’s capital city location, the Bachelor of Communication will offer a range of majors found at no other New Zealand tertiary institution. They are: Intercultural Communication, Media Studies, Literary and Creative Communication, Political Communication, and Science Communication.

Career View 

Career View gives detailed information about where different major subjects can take you in terms of skills and career pathways. Click here for Career View

Canterbury University - UC Info Evening, June 5 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

An evening for future students and whānau to hear subject specific information from some of our top academics and experts. Sessions will also cover scholarships, accommodation, and student support. Registrations open in February.

Click here to register your attendance


Great information for students considering further study can be found in the following guides and resources. These include:

What to Study - MoneyHub, a consumer finance website, has published a guide which aims to provide guidance to students unsure of what to study and looking for information to help them. The resource is packed with tips, insights and an example of twenty jobs currently high in demand. For more details, visit the What to Study page.

Student Loans - MoneyHub, a consumer finance website, has published a one-stop guide which explains how student loans work, all on one page. For more details, visit the Student Loans page.

Student Money Tips - MoneyHub has published a guide to better prepare students for life after school with a number of tips, tools and insights. For more details, visit the Student Money Tips page.

Scholarships - the ultimate free, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly list of scholarships for 2019's Year 13 students. Visit the Scholarships page.

A link to MoneyHub can also be found on OnStream under Students/Careers

Other News

Holden Street Smart - Upcoming April School Holidays programme

Holden Street Smart is a world-class, cognitive based driver programme that aims to positively influence the lives of young kiwis across the country and help them to become a safer and more aware driver on our roads. The Programme has been developed with the involvement of world-renowned road safety expert, Peter Sheppard. In addition, passionate road safety advocate, Greg Murphy, is our Programme Ambassador.

Offering a practical hands-on learning experience, Holden Street Smart is a programme that aims to add to, and compliment, the great work already undertaken by NZTA, NZ Police and others in the area of road safety.

Holden Street Smart is a one-day event providing young drivers and their parents/caregivers the opportunity to undertake supervised driving practice. There is a focus on developing good decision-making strategies for safe driving, including assessing themselves, reading the road environment, resisting peer pressure, managing or eliminating distractions and planning ahead.

The Programme takes place in safe, controlled, off-the-road environments, under the watchful eye of qualified coaches plus the parent/caregiver. This provides the parent the opportunity to also assess themselves, in order to be a better coach and mentor to their teen.

Holden Street Smart is a programme that equips young Kiwis with the tools needed to help be a safer and more aware driver on our roads.

Holden Street Smart will be delivering it’s programme throughout the upcoming April School Holidays, and while some dates are already full, locations we’ll be visiting along with space availability can be found at: www.holdenstreetsmart.co.nz