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Drama - Level 3


Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements Qualification: NCEA Level 2

Entry requirements: current students:

1. Achieved three of the four standards in Y12.

2. Evidence of the required level of self-management (verified by your current teacher).

At the discretion of the HOD for students who have not done Level 2 or do not meet the entry criteria.

Students will need black trousers/track pants and a long-sleeved dark T-shirt for performance work.

Content/Skills: The course is a combination of scripted work, devising, a major production and a written examination based upon theatre and performance knowledge.

There may also be opportunities for workshops and external visits.

Field Trips: In order to sit the external paper, students are required to write about a production they have seen that year. This may include performances at The Court Theatre, Hagley Theatre, NASDA and/or school productions.

Course Costs: Workshop costs when applicable, plus theatre ticket costs.


3 Internal Achievement Standards worth 14 Credits

1 External Achievement Standard worth 4 Credits

This course offers 9 UE Reading and 4 UE Writing credits.

Where does it lead?

Drama will enable you to combine creative and analytical approaches in undertaking your tertiary studies. It develops your capacity

· to work with independent focus

· to communicate effectively

· to work collaboratively

· to use approaches from a range of disciplines

· to connect your studies to the world around you.

It provides a foundation for a wide range of careers including law, broadcasting and journalism, public relations, event management and human resources. There are also a broad range of careers in the performance industry including film work, stage and theatre management, technical theatre work and acting.

For further information see Miss Tinworth.