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Art - Level 1


Qualification: NCEA Level 1

Entry requirements: None, but experience in Year 9 and 10 Art is an advantage.

Year 11 Practical Art provides the entry requirement for Year 12 Design, Photography, and Printmaking and Painting.

Content/Skills: The course involves researching artworks from Māori, Pacifica and European traditions and their contexts. Students will develop their ability in drawing processes. There is a strong emphasis on generating ideas and developing these in a systematic way through to finished artwork in a variety of media and techniques.

Stationery costs will range from $30.00 - $55.00 depending on what equipment a student may already have.

Each student will be provided with access to Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). It is preferable that a student's own device can run Adobe Creative Suite. A limited number of computers are available for class use. Each student will receive print credit for completed work for the formative and summative assessments. For all extra printing students will need to purchase print credit.  

Please be aware that this course has associated costs. By selecting this course you will be requested to make contributions connected to its delivery. These costs for specialist art materials and Air Force Museum trip are: $50.00.


2 Internal Achievement Standards worth 10 credits 

1 External Achievement Standard worth 12 credits

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 2.

For further information see Mrs Bierque.