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Year 13 Chinese
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CHINESE - Level 3


The teacher in charge of this course is Mrs Smith

Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements: Year 12 Chinese and 10 credits at NCEA Level 2.

In 2022, students wishing to continue to learn Chinese will either study through Te Kura or other viable staffing options depending on numbers. Students will be notified of the decision once course selection closes.

If you would like to know more about the Te kura option see https://www.tekura.school.nz/subjects-and-courses/chinese/ZH3000 for more details.

Content/Skills: We will cover the 4 language skill areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening. The topics will include: eating customs, the Chinese economy, Chinese poetry and short stories and women in China. The Chinese curriculum is divided into 8 levels, and Level 8 is covered in Year 13.

Assessment: Internal Achievement Standards: 8 credits in total. (Comprising of a spoken presentation - 3 credits and a written portfolio -5 credits)

External Achievement Standards: 10 credits in total. (Comprising of a listening and a reading section.)

Where does it lead? Tertiary study. This subject is particularly useful in tandem with commerce, science and law papers and for students considering careers in tourism, Foreign Affairs, teaching and any career involving communication with people. A language is a prerequisite for International Business.

For further information see Mrs Smith