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Selwyn House 2021
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Selwyn House

Emily Bowden —

This last year has been a rollercoaster for everyone, both students and teachers, however even with tough circumstances the year has been an epic one and the house spirit has been absolutely awesome.

The year started out well with athletics day and swimming sports close together. These events were an awesome way for the Selwyn students to mingle and have a go at participating in different activities. The enthusiasm and positivity was evident throughout these events and I was really proud of the support throughout the year groups and the connections and relationships that were formed through school activities.

Lip sync was a huge part of the year and is always a highlight for the house leaders and students participating. It was an amazing experience to see countless students turn up to practices and the leadership opportunities that younger students took up to help with the workload and show their commitment to Selwyn. The process was super different and new for me as I do not have a theatre or drama mindset so it was so special to see so many people so invested and helping out where needed. We didn’t come out with the result we wanted but the night was spectacular, with many laughs and smiles which was awesome to see.

Overall the year was a bit of a shambles but I was so proud of all the Selwyn students. The excitement and energy that was always brought to the house events was an absolute dream and it has been a pleasure to be able to lead Selwyn this year. A massive shout out to the Selwyn deputies Molly Lentjes and Rosie Trotter and our house teacher Ms. James!!