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Economics - Level 3


Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Entry requirements: HOLA approval.

Content/Skills: Graphical analysis is used to demonstrate how markets function, to establish profit maximising levels of production and to examine government intervention in markets. We explore the inter-relationships between the markets for labour, money, foreign exchange and goods, and the impact on these markets of both government policies and other economic events.

University Preparation: We have an outstanding record of preparing students for university courses. In 2018 a past CGHS student was 1st in the UC first year economics course. In 2020 past CGHS students were 1st & 3rd in UC first year economics.

Field Trips: None.

Course Costs: There are no associated costs.


2 Internal Achievement Standards worth 10 credits

2 External Achievement Standards worth 10 credits

This course offers 20 UE Reading and 14 UE Writing credits.

Where does it lead? There is a wide range of careers open to students of commerce. These include Accounting, Economics, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, International Business, Importing and Exporting, Insurance, Management, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Tourism, Event Management, Insurance and more.

A great pathway into any of these careers is to complete a Commerce Degree (B.Com) at any university in New Zealand or overseas. A B.Com will require you to complete an economics paper and an accounting paper in your first year of university.

Completing Year 13 Economics at school will ensure you are well prepared for an easy transition to these university papers. As detailed above, students from CGHS are regularly amongst the very top performers in these subjects at university. Almost all past students are in the top 25% of students in first year economics papers at UC. We know how to get you ready!

Information about careers in Commerce (and in lots of other areas) can be found at


Careers in Commerce pay the 4th highest salaries behind IT, Medicine and Engineering.


For further information see Mr Blyth or Miss Price.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Challenges

Selected students will have the opportunity to participate in the Monetary Policy Challenge http://www.rbnz.govt.nz/challenge/ We have been Regional winners & National Finalists in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and were 3rd in New Zealand in 2013.

There are also opportunities some years to enter the Treasury Schools Challenge. We have an outstanding record in this competition. Our results have been 3rd in New Zealand 2012, 2nd in New Zealand 2013, 2nd in New Zealand 2014, 3rd in New Zealand 2015 and 1st in New Zealand 2018. More info about this competition can be found at http://www.treasury.govt.nz/government/longterm/schoolschallenge

Scholarship Success

In recent years Commerce students at CGHS have been awarded about $150 000 worth of Economics and Accounting Scholarships. These include:

Kelliher Economics Foundation Scholarship in Economics

Letitia Stenberg 2006

Hannah Grieve 2008

Victoria Clarke 2009

Sarah Nelson 2012

Siana Worthington 2015

University of Canterbury, College of Business & Economics, Maori Scholarship for Excellence

Rennae Hopkins 2010

Genevieve Maindonald 2011

University of Canterbury, College of Business & Economics, Pasifika Scholarship for Excellence

Jennifer Naoupu 2010

University of Canterbury Professor John Bell Condliffe Scholarship in Economics

Mikayla Samuels 2005

Kimberley Ristrom 2006

Lucy Elliott 2009

Brigitte de Lambert 2010

Jessica Grant 2013

NZQA Scholarships in Economics

Hannah Grieve 2008

May Yewdall 2008

Victoria Clarke 2009

Lucy Elliott 2009

Brigitte de Lambert 2010

Zoe Mackay 2012

Sarah Nelson (Outstanding Scholarship) 2012

Jessica Grant 2013

Jessica Kikstra 2014

Shayna Black 2015

Siana Worthington 2015

Sophie Marris (Outstanding Scholarship) 2017

Sarah Bates 2019

Lulu Huang 2019

Charlotte Partington 2019