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Photo by CGHS Publication

News From The Lab - Hot Air Balloons

David Clare —

Year 9 students launched their hot air balloons into the cool but sunny morning air in Term 3.

The students spent three periods carefully measuring and gluing, honing their practical skills and developing their teamwork, and having fun doing it. 

They then poured a little methylated spirits on to cotton wool and held on until the balloons filled with hot air.

Image by: CGHS Publication

On the count of three the students then ‘let go’ all eight balloons into the sky to drift over Fendalton, accompanied by lots of excited yelling and squealing - and not just from Mr Clare. 

Two balloons burned on the launch pad and were extinguished with liberal amounts of carbon dioxide, which proved just as exciting. 

Hooray for Chemistry!

Image by: CGHS Publication

Click here to follow the flight of one hot air balloon.