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Performance Music - Level 3


Qualification: NCEA Level 3
Entry requirements: Year 12 Music or at the discretion of Mr Langdon.
Content/Skills: Students have the flexibility to create a course to suit their background and interest from the 50 credits available.
The course can be created from performance both individual and group/band, composition, research, the study of set works and the demonstration of aural skills and harmony. Additions include the opportunity to perform on a second instrument arranging and the SOND course.
Compositions of original material may be individual or group compositions for those interested in working with a band.
Field Trips: Possible visits to a Recording Studio for which there will be a cost.
Course Costs: None.


Up to 7 Internal Achievement Standards

3 External Achievement Standards worth 12 Credits

This course could lead to tertiary courses - University either in a Music or Arts degree or Jazz Polytechnic or MAINZ. As a career Music can lead to a wide range of choices including:
Music teaching (instrumental, vocal and classroom), Music Therapy, Performer, Composer, Sound Engineer, Promotion, Music Managers, Making recordings, TV and Radio, Marketing, Conductor, Accompanist, Music publisher, Music and Computers, Piano tuner, Making instruments.
Music can also lead to involvement in local theatre and music groups and a whole range of performing experiences where you can meet and work with interesting people.
For further information see Mr Langdon.